About Nan

About Nan

Welcome, I'm Nan

A Psychotherapist licensed in the State of Florida, I have 20 years of working with youth and adults to overcome life’s challenges. Using evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and tenets of positive psychology, I can help you to identify areas of growth and help you build your resiliency toolbox, so you can achieve Eudaimonia and live the Art of Healing.

About Nan

Ms. Nandranie(Nan) Busjit Bhalai LCSW, Psychotherapist, provides counseling with an emphasis on healing that is individualized for her clients. Specializing in the treatment of anxiety, adjustment issues, grief and loss, relationship issues, life changes, and trauma, Nan will help you uncover the power within yourself to make changes to create a life of intentional well-being and health.

Ms. Bhalai earned her Masters in Social Work from Barry University in 1999 and became licensed in Florida in 2019. Ms. Bhalai has had over 20 years of working with children and adults in several agencies that have impacted her journey as a mental health clinician. She completed two internships that have profoundly impacted her practice. Her first internship was as a Victim Witness Counselor with the State Attorney’s Office, 17th Judicial District (Broward County, FL), in which she expanded her knowledge in the areas of crisis counseling, victim’s rights, the court system, and the overall impact of victimization on mental health functioning. Ms. Bhalai worked with victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Assault, Child Abuse, Murder, and other felony crimes to provide mental health support and interventions as their cases progressed within the court system. It was through this internship that Ms. Bhalai realized her passion for working with clients who have experienced trauma. Her second internship solidified her work as a therapist with a focus on trauma. Landing an internship with UM/Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department, Ms. Bhalai became knowledgeable in mental health clinical interventions in the areas of trauma, child abuse, sexual abuse, and medical social work.

Upon completion of her degree, Ms. Bhalai continued to develop her overall practice, fine-tuning her clinical skills and comprehensive practice in several agencies including the State Attorney’s Office - 17th Judicial District, Broward Sheriff’s Office, and Broward County Public Schools. Recognizing that as a working mother her ability to balance her career with her family was critical, she landed a position as a School Counselor working with adolescents of diverse backgrounds. As a School Counselor, Ms. Bhalai became informed of the education system, the importance of school counseling to decrease student mental health concerns, and educational disabilities including assessment and diagnosis. Earning her Specialist Degree in School Counseling, Ms. Bhalai, continued adding to her toolbox of skills, knowledge, and treatment modalities. She also served as a School Counseling Director, School Social Worker, Dependency Court Liaison, and Supervisor where she continued providing educationally based clinical services to students and families in individual, families, and group therapy sessions.

In 2015, Ms. Bhalai realized that her journey called for her seeking clinical licensure and she established her part-time practice providing therapy to adults and children experiencing mental health difficulties. She sharpened her diagnosis of DSM IV disorders and the development of treatment plans geared to decreasing her client's symptoms. In 2020, after two decades of working with hundreds of clients, Nan launched her teletherapy practice, Eudaimonia, The Art of Healing. Using evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and tenets of positive psychology, Nan guarantees to listen to your needs in a non-judgmental, empathic manner, work with you to help you to identify areas of growth, help you create your goals for change, and help you build your resiliency toolbox for change in a safe, confidential manner.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Nan adheres to the NASW Code of Ethics, is a member in good standing with The National Association of Social Workers.



Specializing in the treatment of :

* Anxiety Disorder
Anxiety may look and feel like nervousness, sweating, irritability, sleeplessness, fidgetiness, fear, recurring thoughts, trembling, apprehension, pain, poor concentration

* Adjustment Disorder
When your ability to adapt to change is difficult. You may experience indecisiveness, anxiety, feeling sad, irritable, and feeling inadequate.

* Grief and Loss
You may have experienced the loss or end of a relationship/person, an event, or a situation in which you are deeply saddened.

* Relationship Issues
Trust, communication, co-dependency, imbalanced power are some factors impacting your relationship with others. These can lead to other behaviors that affect your life in negative ways.

* Trauma
Trauma can be multifaceted from a variety of sources or experiences such as chronic stress, complex trauma, historical trauma, acute trauma, sexual violence, child abuse, military combat, natural disasters, pandemics, or assault. When you experience such an injury to your body or psyche, you may experience a number of behaviors such as feelings of numbness, withdrawal, helplessness, depression, anxiety, fear and flashbacks, sleep disturbances, painful memories, and easily startled.

Session Fees & Therapy Boxes

What  Does It Cost?


Session Fees:

Sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes.
Sessions are $150 per 50-minute session.

If you book Six sessions (6), the cost is $800, a $100 savings.

If you book Twelve sessions (12), the cost is $1800 and includes the Therapy Toolbox Subscription for free.


EtaoHealing offers Our Signature Therapy Session Toolboxes to enhance your progress!

Therapy toolboxes are an enhancement to your therapy. Each toolbox contains items to help you support your emotional growth and healing.

The contents are preselected by Nan and reflect evidence-based strategies that correspond with improving your mood and overall wellness, corresponding to each season.


Toolboxes cost $50 each and will be shipped to your address.

The Toolboxes are sent out one week before each season begins and reflect the needs and mood of the time of year.

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