Your questions and My answers:


Questions about Therapy

Where do I get started?

Making that decision to seek help is the first step.
Completing the new client documents is second.
Beginning your journey is the third.

How do I know if there is progress?

We will create your personalized treatment plan with goals based on your needs.
You will know that you are making progress when your symptoms decrease.

Why should I do tele therapy instead of meeting in person?

Tele therapy provides a quality, safe, confidential, convenient, affordable, efficient treatment to regain control of your life.

What equipment do I need to start?

You need internet service
Email or cell phone
And a laptop or tablet with both:
A camera and microphone to engage in the session.

What if I cannot make my appointment can I cancel?

You may cancel 48 hours in advance without being charged for the session fee.

Can I do my sessions at home?

Sessions are best conducted in a private setting where you can speak freely without interruption. That can be In your home or another location that is private.

How do I pay for my sessions?

You will be asked to sign up with a credit or debit card on file. Your session fee will be charged the day of your appointment.


Questions about Connecting to my TeleTherapy Session:

Device and Internet Requirements

Our website and TeleTherapy system are designed to work with most devices.
You can use a Mobile, Laptop, Tablet, or Desktop with EtaoHealing.
Most internet connections will work well.

A simple "Test" is if apps like WhatsApp or Messenger work well, you will be just fine.

About My Security

We take Your security Very Seriously!
Our website and TeleTherapy system are both HIPAA compliant. That means all personal information is secured and encrypted to the highest standards.

From Registration, to payment, scheduling, and in session, everything is secured to government standards.

We encourage our clients to exercise the same level of security that we do.
Never give out your password.
Secure your device to prevent unauthorized access.
Keep your software up to date.
During your therapy session, be aware of your personal privacy.

If I have a problem?

Most problems relate to device usage and your internet connection.
Keep your browser up tp to date.
Ensure your internet connection is reliable.
If you have problems, please reach out to us, and let us know what the issue is.

You may reach us on our contact page.

Phone: 754 799 4782
Plantation, FL, 33317
6919 W. Broward Boulevard, #199